Monday, April 11, 2011

"Wishing Flowers"

My littlest is really into dandelions.  He brings me a few every time he goes outside (if they're in the yellow flower stage), and whenever he finds a "wishing flower" he blows as hard as he can - wishing for lots of ice cream.  His love for these pretty weeds inspired me to make a dandelion post.  I hope you enjoy the photos. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weeds! Weeds! Beautiful weeds?

In with spring comes a variety of weeds shooting up in our backyard.  I decided to get an up close look at some of them and share a few shots with you (before my husband kills them all).  :)  Can you believe even the annoying little weeds are so beautiful?

A first for me on whatever this weed is.  Love the variation in color though!

This weed was WAY cooler than I ever could've imagined once I got up close.

My boys bring me dandelions whenever they come in from playing outside. They're becoming a favorite "flower weed" (as my oldest calls them) of mine. :)  Sweet boys!

For my mom.... who loves the teeny tiny purple flowers on this weed.